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Alexus Brown's Mission Statement is to inspire young creatives to use their voice to change the minds of the multitude one poem at a time. 

who is Katasha brown?

Katasha Brown is the CEO/Lead Writer of 31(thirty) Company and is also a PR Specialist for Alexus Brown. Katasha Brown began managing Alexus Brown during the release of her first book titled, Solid Ground: A Book of Poems. Katasha has successfully managed Alexus Brown’s Social Media channels; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. She has also created content used during the promotion of both Solid Ground and Alexus Brown’s new upcoming book “Trauma”, which is set to be released on August 30th, 2018.

who is Alexus brown?

Alexus Brown is an author/poet. she released her first book earlier this year and is currently working on new material for her upcoming book “Trauma”, which is set to be released on August 30th, 2018. Alexus is represented by Katasha brown, whom is a public relations specialist at 31(thirty) company. when Alexus isn't writing, she is reading poetry books or black history books. Her passion is to continue inspiring young black women to think and live creatively by using their voice to express themselves. 

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Alexus brown is an author/poet who currently resides in Hobe sound, fl. She is a 27 year old creative whose first book was released February 22, 2018, titled "solid ground: a book of poems. 

what's up with Alexus brown?

read how Alexus brown took on the world by using her voice to communicate what others are feeling in this press release.

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Check out this article 31(thirty) Company wrote about Alexus Brown before her first book release. 


"how Collaboration helps poets" webinar

How Collaboration Helps Poets” Webinar focuses on exercises that promote collaboration amongst fellow creatives. Katasha Brown breaks down for key exercises that aide in the development of networking, collaborating, and creating unified pieces with creative partners. Her exercises have received positive reviews from a published author who has since found success in her own writing from the exercises in the webinar. Katasha Brown emphasizes that collaboration is the key element to broadening audiences and growth from networking. 

Why Poets should join forces and      Collaborate with Other Creatives

Has social media made it easier for poets to make a comeback?

Katasha Brown, Public Relations Specialist and Founder of 31(thirty) Company, explains in her webinar, “How Collaboration Helps Poets,”that creatives can benefit from collaborating with other like-minded individuals by creating and distributing one unified piece. The goal is to take two equally creative poets and merge their work into one piece and share the content to both audiences. Not only will this increase followers, but it will challenge both artists to work in unison with one another, despite their creative differences. 


In today’s digital age, social media has become one of the most popular ways to stay connected with one another. Instagram and Facebook have been the “go-to” spot for poets and creative writers to showcase their pieces. With influencers taking social media by the storm, this is an opportunity for poets to connect with other poets to create collaborating pieces. 


How Collaboration Helps Poets Webinar focuses on providing exercises for poets/creatives by taking two different writing styles and combining their work to make one complete piece. It also provides tips on how to create a workflow that will complement the other poets. The webinar online event will take place on May 19th, 2018 at 8PM. This is a ten-minute webinar. 


For more information on how to begin collaborating with local poets. Please contact Katasha Brown at KatashaBrown@31thirtycompany.com

fast faqs about Alexus 

1.) Where is Alexus Brown from?


Hobe Sound, FL



2.) When did Alexus Brown begin writing?

Alexus started journaling in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2010 when she started thinking about publishing her first book. 



3.)How long was the writing process?

The process took about a year to formulate each poem, go through the editing process, and work with book distributers to sell Solid Ground: A Book of Poems online.



4.) Why did Alexus Brown decide to self-publish?

Alexus Brown decided to self-publish her book because she wanted to be hands on throughout the whole process. And she also wanted creative control over what would be added or removed to the book. 



5.) What technique was used in Solid Ground: A Book of Poems?

Alexus Brown wrote a majority of her poems using the “free verse” technique, with only a few being repetitive.

6.) What does Alexus Brown’s poems consist of?

Alexus Brown’s book consist of poems that discuss racism, womanhood, spirituality, suicide, self-harm, identity, and relationships. 



7.) What inspires Alexus Brown to write such complex poems?

Living life through her eyes has been an inspiration for her. She draws her ideas from her personal worldview, with her emotions playing a huge part in how she portrays her view. 



8.) Why is Solid Ground: A Book of Poems broken down into three sections?

The book is broken down into three sections (Thorny Ground, Rocky Ground, Solid Ground) due to the nature of poems belonging in each section. Thorny ground contains poems that represents the hardest parts of the characters’ life. Rocky Ground represents the middle ground, while Solid ground portrays the celebration of the characters’ lives. 



9.) Are the poems based on certain fragments of Alexus Brown’s real life?

Certain poems represent moments of Alexus Brown’s life. A poem specifically about Alexus, titled “Mailing my past”, discusses love and heartbreak. 


10.) What is Alexus Brown’s favorite poem and why?

“Listen to the Black Mother” is Alexus Brown’s favorite poem because of the nature of her poem. It took research and placing her mind into what she believed these women had to face during trying times. 



11.) Alexus Brown discusses a lot of black issues in her book, is she racist?

No, Alexus Brown is not racist. She just uses her creative talent to voice uncomfortable topics that are difficult for certain people to discuss. 



12.) Alexus Brown is verbal about Jesus, what about people of other religions who want to read her book?


The book is compiled of topics that come from Alexus Brown’s own thought process. The content in Solid Ground: A Book of Poems is her perspective of how she views Spirituality. It is not meant to offend people, but to push them to ask questions about people in general and themselves when it comes to religion. 



13.) Does Alexus Brown have an issue with women who don’t look like her? 


No, Alexus would like each woman to embrace their own beauty. Alexus Brown celebrates her dark skin and kinky hair. She does not want other women to be ashamed of who they are but live in be the person God intended them to be. 



14.) Alexus Brown’s poems only cater to Black Women, what about women of other races or even men?


The poems were formulated in a way that would suggest the poems were written to her. When she speaks about Black women, it is everything she wished someone would have told her before she navigated through the adventure of life. Her goal is for people of all races, sex, or age to read her poems to understand a Black women’s mind.



15.) How does Alexus Brown expect to sell more books if it only caters to a certain audience (Black Women)?


With the community now being more consciously Black or curious about race, marketing has been the main focus. Men and women of all races are taking an interest in Black societal issues. 



16.) Poems are supposed to be deep and make you think, this just comes off as judgmental jargon. Is she worried about offending anyone?


Alexus Brown’s intentions are not to offend anyone but to share her creative pieces in a way that will allow others to reflect on their own thought process and empathize. 



17.) Does anyone ever comment on Alexus Brown’s hair?


Yes, Alexus Brown has had questions about why she chooses to wear her natural hair. Her answer is that it is who she is, and she is proud of her afro. 



18.) Alexus Brown’s poems have very little kind-hearted poems about men. Does her being a mad Black woman have something to do with this?


Being a mad black woman is a stigma within the black community, which is why she chose to focus more on Black women rather than stereotypical comments society has made. Her book showcases the struggles that Black women endure. 



19.) Why is Alexus Brown’s content so disturbing?


Alexus Brown likes to paint an image as she writes. She enjoys putting her audience into a realistic scenery as they read. 



20.) I have not seen much marketing on Solid Ground: A Book of Poems. How does Alexus Brown plan on selling her book if she is not marketing it?

Alexus Brown has been releasing new content every Wednesday and has been working on a social media plan. She is currently focusing on her followers and social media presence through effective tools like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Blog sharing. Building an audience takes time and she is willing to take that time to focus on building a relationship with them. 



21.) The size of the book is unpleasant and not visually proportioned, does she plan on re-adjusting the size?


It was a first-time printing mistake. The book size was incorrectly formatted. But Alexus Brown has grown to love the size of the book and her fans have even commented on the favorable amount of space they have to take notes on the pages. She does not plan on changing the size of the book. Solid Ground: A Book of Poems is also available via E-book. 

where to buy solid ground: a book of poems

If poetry is something you enjoy or you are looking for a new book to have both your mind and heart racing, solid ground: a book of poems is available for purchase here!

For more information please visit Alexus Brown's Website or contact her at BrownAlexuss22@gmail.com  

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