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Confessions of a Mom

Where do I even begin with these little farts? I guess I can start with the fact that all of them are fast asleep at this very moment. I am actually celebrating (silently) right now! Nothing is more annoying than having to tell four children (with the exception of a newborn) to go to bed numerous times. At bedtime is when I hear, “Mom, can I get some water,” or, “mom, I need you!” Oh, this is a new one from my oldest, “mom, what is sleep paralysis?” I am not kidding about that last question. I cannot fathom the amount of questions my children ask me before bed. And the funny thing is, I always have an answer. It goes something like this, “GO TO BED!!!”

But to be honest, I adore my little munchkins. They’re all bright in their own ways. My oldest plays football, and when I say play, I mean PLAY! He is also really talented in writing and drawing. He has written a ton of books and illustrated them as well. My daughter is a superstar in the making. She loves to sing and dance. At four years old, this girl has managed to make up a new song with a whole new beat and a fresh set of lyrics. She is also extremely smart, and her drive makes me a bit jealous (in a good way of course). I wish I had her vision at that age. Then there's my little daredevil who isn’t so little anymore. He has the energy of Superman! His personality is equally huge! He’s a smart little fellow too and dangerous! And to my last little kiddo, weighing in at a whopping 14 and 1/2 pounds who is filled with nothing but mama's breastmilk, is the most mysterious little person I have ever met. He keeps me on my toes. Just when you think you've accomplished putting him to sleep and you lay his beautiful head down, two seconds later, he's staring at you like, "What's up?"

"This photo was taken after I realized my snoring monster wasn't snoring anymore."

Everyday my kids remind me of one word, PATIENCE! I’m exhausted just saying that. It is hard but so important in parenting. Sometimes I just want to send my “how to” lists into their brains so they can understand what I’m saying. Or I just want to sleep for five more minutes in the morning without three kids calling my name and one baby demanding milk. But if I am going to be honest with myself, deep down these are the moments I live for. These are the moments I say, “Wow I’ve (along with my husband) created these humans and they act just like their father. :D I joke, I joke, kind of! But I see so much of God’s Word flourishing in my children. Love, Patience, and Nurturing are key components to a healthy relationship with them.

So, what happens when they disobey and their adorable little faces aren’t so adorable to me anymore? Because they do upset me at least once a day, and I am totally covering for them right now because its way more than that. But do I give up on them? Do I say, “Nope! You’re not my children today, shoo!” Well the obvious answer is no! They are every ounce of me which means they are just as imperfect as I am. And as much as I may look like a real-life superhero in their eyes, I may sometimes appear to be a Cruella De Ville or an Ursula to them in the heat of the battle. And I am okay with that as long as they know I am only doing this because I have their best interest at heart. But how do you tell that to a bunch of kids who just want to watch one more episode of Blippie while eating ice cream on the couch? Eh, I’m still trying to figure out how to answer that question.

One thing I do know is the way my children conduct themselves is a reflection of my husband and I. A scripture that comes to mind is,

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6

That scripture alone lets me know I am fully responsible for the path my children will take. I take part in those outbursts and I also take part in the misbehavior. It is my job to train my children in the ways of the Lord. The easy part is that I have great instructions to follow (the Bible) but the hard part is that it is so hard to follow sometimes. Which goes to show that my children aren’t the only ones who act out at times. I can only imagine how many times God has shaken His head at the things I have said and done. He’s probably just as fed up as my husband is sometimes. But hey, life is a learning experience. And it always puts this parenting gig into perspective for me when I need to be corrected.

So, to end this post, I would like for you all to kiss your kids and let them know it is okay to fail at something. The true test is to see if they will get up and try, try again.

Grace, Love, and Mercy to you all!


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