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But it's Not Father's Day Yet...

It is well into the afternoon and I am sitting at my desk writing and observing. As I watch my husband and our youngest son Elias sleep in the bed, I can’t help but smile. This is what true parenting is. Knowing that baby E is a force that cannot be easily tamed, my amazing husband managed to rock him into his slumber. Watching our little baby rest between KB’s perfectly chiseled (yes, I said it) chest and match his breathing with Kb’s, makes my heart flutter!

Coming home from a long day of work and realizing that your job isn’t yet finished until every little eye in the house is closed is what KB does. Watching him day in and day out bust his butt in order to put a smile on our faces is what true love means. Every argument, every little petty remark, and every moment we decide we aren’t speaking with one another fades away when I take a moment to reflect on him as a person.

No matter how upset, tired, or sad KB is, it will never dismiss the fact that he is indeed a great father. The measures he would go in order to provide for his family lets me know that God Himself reached down to mold this man into something magnificent. Sure, he has his imperfections. Don’t we all? That’s what makes my love for him stronger, because through every flaw there’s always a triumph. With every mistake he makes, there is always a solution to make up for it. AND no matter how many times KB falls, his children will never have to say he gave up on them. This man has made at least fifty albums with the amount of made up songs he has made for our children. When I look at our kids, I see him in every single one of them. Whether good traits or bad, I know they all hold a piece of him and with that, I am content.

I guess I wrote this little snippet to say, I am the rib to his cage for a reason (Gen. 2:22). God was showing me that love comes in many forms. One of them was in the form of Fatherhood.

I love you Kinser!

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