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From Doubt to Publishing Her First Book, Meet Alexus Brown

I had the pleasure of speaking with Hobe Sound, FL native, Alexus Brown. After spending time getting to know her and hearing her story, I was able to come up with one conclusion. This woman has strength. Her book, Solid Ground “A Book of Poetry”, which will be released via eBook next month, is an excerpt of her testimony.

After sitting down with Alexus, I was able to hear firsthand where her inspiration came from.

“There was a period in my life where I wasn’t writing. It was a very dark moment. I felt like I was losing my faith and I feared failure and I just felt depressed. In the back of my mind, I always wanted to take my old poems and publish them but was too afraid to take that leap of faith. It wasn’t until my family and friends urged me to tell the world my story, inspiring me to just do it.”

Alexus uses her voice in such a way to verbally illustrate her version of everyday struggles of a person, including herself. Between racism and self-harm, there is no room for comfort in this upcoming book.

She wants to bring raw emotions to her readers. She wants them to feel conviction. The main objective is for her readers to see the REAL Jesus, not the westernized Jesus we see displayed in someone’s front yard on Christmas, but the Biblical Jesus. She wants every word to resonate with them so in the end, they can ask themselves, “where am I? Am I in a thorny place, rocky place, or on solid ground?” -NOTE: This book contains three sections.

When asked if she still struggles with some of the issues she listed in her book, her reply was a simple “yes”. There were no reasons or excuses for feeling the way she felt. One issue in particular was doubt. It has been an ongoing struggle for her but her words about it were beautifully said,

“Doubt will come until Jesus returns. You have to pray for boldness. Don’t let doubt make you a coward. Sometimes it’s better to believe and not ask questions.”

Alexus ends her message with,

“To all my poetry people, I hope you enjoy every line break, every metaphor, and every simile. I hope you are as excited as I am about it. BUY MY BOOK!”

You heard it here first! Alexus’ book will be available on Amazon in mid-February!

You can follow her on:

Instagram @lex.s.bee

Or on her personal blog Hannah, Elisabeth, Ruth

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