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Friends.... The Ones You Can Depend On

July 2018

I have the privilege of being friends with some amazing women who give me life in so many ways. While we are all around the same age, we are in different walks of life. Our lives are very different, with the perks of still having so much in common. One in particular is our sense of vulnerability. We’re women, we talk a lot. Mainly about goals, dreams, finances, marriage, and kids (mainly mine because I am sure my kids are birth control enough for them). We pour into one another and take accountability like the Queens that we are, even when the advice given is a hard pill to swallow.

Recently, a friend of mine had a very trying moment. Without getting into specifics, she was broken. And if anyone knows her, they would know that this woman was crafted out of steel, and shows little to no emotion (unapologetically, I might add) so tears are very seldom. To see my friend so heartbroken by what was going on, our WHOLE SQUAD of friends were like, “Naw, EVERYONE is about to catch these hands then we’ll ask questions.” But we wouldn’t do her any good behind bars, so we all did the next best thing; be there for her. We all shared our unbiased opinions and encouraged her to address the situation head on. She thanked us and complied. And the slow process begun shortly after.

It didn’t hit me until today that vulnerability takes a lot of strength. It’s not an easy thing to do and it puts us in a situation beyond comfort. Watching her allow herself to be vulnerable based on the advice we gave her, let me know that she valued our friendship and was willing to trust us with her life. It’s not easy to lose control on purpose. But here she was, putting her own feelings and fears in our hands to help her make sense of it all.

I don’t think I knew what true friendship was until I became an adult and befriended these ladies. I didn’t know how important it was either. There are so many growing pains that I have dealt with and to do it alone is nearly impossible. I thank God for these women and couldn’t have possibly made it thus far without them all. And walking through this time with her has made me love them all the more. I realize I should be more intentional with my friendships, because like flowers, friendships need to be constantly watered in order to blossom.

#life #family #friendship

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